Caravel Literary Arts Journal

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Caravel Literary Arts Journal  is excited to open submissions for our third issue.  Caravel Issue 3 is dedicated to the writing and visual art of LGBTQ writers and artists.  Please do not submit to issue 3 if you are not part of the LGBTQ community.  Caravel always strives to provide space for those voices that are too often pushed to the side and ignored.  The Pulse nightclub shootings in Orlando deeply affected us and we wanted issue 3 to be dedicated to those we lost that day.  Your submission does not have to be about Pulse.  Please share your stories and struggles with us.  Caravel wishes to assist in building a better world where all are free to love as they choose without fear.  We have several great featured poets lined up for this issue (including award winning slam poet and activist Dylan Garcia!)  We look forward to reading your submissions!

We are fans of traditional and experimental fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and visual art.  Though Caravel does not subscribe to any particular political ideology, please feel free to send us your socially engaged/social justice oriented poems, stories, and art. 

Please read issue 1 and 2 at to see if we would be a good fit for your work.

  • We are not a paying market at this time.  We do not charge reading fees and we do not advertise on our site.  We have created Caravel for the love of literary arts and to give a voice to a wide range of writers and artists.
  • Submissions should use Garamond or Times New Roman 12 point font (please note that we will convert your piece to Garamond), double-spaced and adhere to basic guidelines of grammar and spelling (with exceptions for creative freedom).  Poetry does not have to be double-spaced.  Word limits for fiction and creative nonfiction are 5,000 words.  You may submit 3 poems at a time.
  • Caravel only considers original, unpublished material.  Exception: If it was locked to friends only on your blog or Facebook page you may still submit it. 
  • Please limit submissions to one per genre category.
  • Please - no racism/sexism/discrimination of any kind/gratuitous violence.
  • We accept simultaneous submissions, but if your piece is accepted elsewhere please notify us as soon as possible by adding a note to your submission.  If you are only withdrawing part of your submission, please just make a note as to which poem or art piece you are withdrawing.
  • Caravel reads anonymously, so please don’t include identifying information in your submission itself.  We don’t find out who you are until we accept your piece for publication. 
  • We respond to submissions within 2-3 months.  If it has not been 2-3 months:  Please do not contact us. 
  • All rights revert to the author after publication.  However, Caravel may re-publish your work in a future anthology.
  • Please include a thank you to Caravel with any reprints.

If you have any questions, please email us at

Caravel Literary Arts Journal